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Zipcar has become Poppy

Zipcar devient Poppy

Thanks for visiting Zipcar Brussels.

You have probably seen or heard in the press that Poppy has taken over the activities of Zipcar Brussels. Poppy is a free-floating carsharing service, just like Zipcar, and has been active in Antwerp since January 2018. Poppy’s vehicles are therefore replacing Zipcar’s Peugeots 208. Zipcar cars are not available in Brussels anymore.

You can continue using free-floating carsharing with Poppy:

  • if you have an approved Zipcar account: you can download the Poppy app and login with your Zipcar credentials.
    If you want to change your password, just press the ‘I forgot my password’ link and immediately use the app after you’ve accepted the Terms & Conditions, privacy and cookie policy*.

  • if you’re either a pending, suspended or declined Zipcar user: you can also download the Poppy app, but you will have to sign up through the app and await approval before using the Poppy service. Don’t worry, it’s free!

  • if you're not a member yet: you can download the Poppy app, and register for free via the app. You'll be able to use Poppy as soon as your accoung is approved.

  • Click here for more information what's going to change.

    Thank you for having been a Zipcar customer, and enjoy driving with Poppy!

    *Please note that by downloading the Poppy app and accepting Poppy’s Terms & Conditions, privacy and cookie policy, you agree that you Zipcar credentials and data are transferred to Poppy so that it can guarantee a continuity of service. Poppy will hence become the controller for the processing of your data in the registration process and when offering you the Poppy services. If you do not want to transfer your account to Poppy and you no longer want to receive any further e-mails about this, please let us know via .