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Zipcar parking

at Brussels Airport

The easiest transfer between

Brussels & the airport.

Use Zipcar to go to
Brussels Airport
or to get back to town.

Zipcar is your easiest and quickest way to access Brussels Airport.

The Zipcar parking zone is just opposite the check in zone.

How does it work?

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Pick up your Zipcar anywhere in town and drive to the airport. Park your car in the reserved parking just across check in.


To access, drive to Brussels Airport and follow the signs to go to the designated Zipcar parking.



No badge or ticket needed, access to our parking is free! Just leave your car and walk to check in.

Have a nice flight!

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When you're arriving from abroad, book your Zipcar in the app, pick up your car and off you go to Brussels in no time!


To access, walk to Car Rental Parking and follow the Zipcar signs.


Welcome back to Brussels!


When dropping off or picking up a car, there's a 10€ service fee.


Follow the signs to go to the designated Zipcar parking: