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Zipcar for Business:

your company's

smart mobility

Company cars on demand

in Brussels

Your employees don’t need a car all day long. But they might need one from time to time…

With Zipcar for Business you have a car at your disposal whenever you need one.


A meeting or an event in or outside Brussels ?

Catch a national or international train ?

Get to Brussels Airport or back to town ?

Quickly deliver something to a customer?

Zipcar for Business is the simple, cost-effective and sustainable transportation solution for all of these moments.

It’s the alternative to company cars, taxis and complex personal car reimbursements and it’s the perfect addition to public transport.


Already have a personal account ? Contact us via to create your business account (one-off registration fee of 19€). 

Not yet a member ? Fill in the form below to create your professional account. 

How does it work

A car when you need one: it’s as simple as that!

Zipcar for Business is quick and easy to use. Cars are available in the streets and accessible through the App or online whenever your employees need them. No need for reservations, just book one when you need one and drive wherever you need to be.

Split billing for corporate & private usage

Employees can have both a corporate and private account. We offer an attractive package with exclusive benefits for both private and business trips.

More info in the FAQ.

What are the advantages for your company?

Save money

Car sharing with Zipcar enables you to reduce costs for you and your employees. No need to pay for cars that stand still 90% of the time, nor for their parking. With Zipcar you’ll have no parking costs, fuel or insurance. You only pay 19€ for registration and there are no fixed monthly costs. It’s cheaper and more flexible than any other form of transport.

Fuel, insurance and kilometers are included

Free parking in the streets of Brussels within the Zipcar Zone and at Brussels airport

You only pay when you drive : 0,19€/minute excl. VAT

Sustainability strategy

Zipcar is an innovative, sustainable mobility solution for your company. And because car sharing reduces traffic jams, parking problems and helps reducing CO2 emissions, it can easily be part of your company’s sustainability strategy.

By offering your employees a corporate account with Zipcar, they will have the mobility solution that fulfills their needs and your company will have lower cost, hassle and waste.

Whether your organisation is big or small, we can provide you with the most flexible mobility solution.

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