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how does zipcar work?

Zipcars are located in the Zipcar zone in Brussels. Use our handy Zipcar app to search cars and book one near you in just a few taps. Cars can be booked up to 15 minutes in advance and if you change your mind in those 15 minutes, you can cancel for free. You can start your trip and unlock Zipcars by using our app or holding your Zipcard against the card reader in the windscreen. You can drive anywhere, as long as you drop off your Zipcar back in the Zipcar zone. You will only be charged for what you have used. If you want to park your car but do not want to end your trip, you can make a stopver regardless of whether you are inside or outside the Zipcar zone. To end your trip, you need to drop off your Zipcar in an approved parking location within the Zipcar zone.

See our parking guidelines for information on stopovers and dropping off. See our how it works videos to learn more.

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