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parking guidelines

What is the difference between a drop-off and a stopover?


A drop-off is when you end your trip inside the Zipcar zone using the app or your Zipcard.

parking when dropping off
  • ensure you are in the zipcar zone.
  • make sure you are in a blue, green, or grey zone that have been determined by the communes.
  • don't panic! blue, green and grey zones cover most of the territory of the 19 communes in the zipcar zone.
  • do not end your trip in a red or orange zone.


A stopover is when you want to park the car but you don't want to end your trip. Therefore you will use the key to lock/unlock the doors of your car.

parking when making stopovers outside the Zipcar zone
  • you can make stopovers anywhere you want, just remember that outside the zipcar zone your parking charges won't be taken care of and you will be responsible for these as if it was your own car.
parking when making stopovers inside the zipcar zone
  • you can park for free in all the blue, green and grey zones in Brussels.
  • you can park in the red and orange zones but you will need to pay at the parking meter.

Unauthorised parking across Brussels

in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises (tickets, fines or even car being towed), please do not drop-off your zipcar in any of the following zones

delivery area
kiss and ride zone
reserved zone
HGV parking zone
school bus and coach parking zone
market areas (where market will occur in the next 48 hours)
privately owned garages / private driveways
disabled spaces
non-Zipcar car-sharing bays
bus stops

guidelines to dropping off and stopovers

zone drop off stopover

how do I know what zone I'm in?

road signage

one way to help you identify the colour of the zone you are in is to use the street signage in Brussels.

parking meters

you can also use parking meters to identify when you are in a red or orange zone. The parking meters will display their colour on the exterior if red/orange. Meters for other zones can be identified by the text at the top of the instructions on the meter as per the examples below.

Meters in red and orange zones
Meters in green zones

app, tap and away!

app, tap and away!