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Zipcar becomes Poppy!

Zipcar, the free-floating carsharing service operating in Brussels since September 2016, becomes Poppy.
But concretely, what’s going to change? Discover it in the following article!

Zipcar will become Poppy

You have probably seen or heard in the press that the activities of Zipcar Brussels will continue. Indeed, Poppy will take over and Zipcar becomes Poppy . Poppy is a free-floating carsharing service, just like Zipcar, and has been active in Antwerp since January 2018. Poppy’s vehicles will therefore replace Zipcar’s Peugeots 208 and are now available.

For Zipcar and Poppy, it is essential to make sure we can offer a continuous service to Zipcar members during the transition. This will be the case since the Poppy vehicles are accessible even before all of the Zipcars have left Brussels. To make things easier, we wanted to do our best to ensure that members do not have to worry about anything:

  • if you have an approved Zipcar account: you can download the Poppy app and login with your Zipcar credentials.

    Poppy app screenshot

    If you want to change your password, just press the ‘I forgot my password’ link and immediately use the app after you’ve accepted the Terms & Conditions, privacy and cookie policy*.

  • if you’re either a pending, suspended or declined Zipcar user: you can also download the Poppy app, but you will have to sign up through the app and await approval before using the Poppy service. Don’t worry, it’s free!

  • if you're not a member yet: you can download the Poppy app, and register for free via the app. You'll be able to use Poppy as soon as your accoung is approved.

  • The Poppy app and its functionalities are also very similar to Zipcar’s app and will therefore feel familiar to regular Zipcar users 😊

    There will be no more Zipcars after 3/05/2019, but by downloading the Poppy app a continuity of service is guaranteed. Approved users will be able to test Poppy cars in Brussels using their 30 free minutes as of today.

    The Poppy app and its functionalities are also very similar to Zipcar’s app and will therefore feel familiar to regular Zipcar users 😊

    There are a lot of similarities between Poppy and Zipcar, but there are also some differences to know about. This is precisely the purpose of this article which aims to show you the changes that will be made during the transition from Zipcar to Poppy. Here is a list of the main differences to note (if you’d like to see the elements that apply specifically to businesses, there is a dedicated section at the end of the article):

    1. Vehicles and operating zone


    The 250 Peugeot 208 Zipcar fleet will firstly be replaced by 100 Poppy vehicles of two types: Volkswagen e-Golfs and Audi A3 g-trons. These are premium and eco-friendly cars. The Volkswagen e-Golf is 100% electric and the Audi A3 g-tron runs on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). All Poppy cars have an automatic gear box, while Zipcars are all manual. These vehicles will therefore be accessible to more people. The number of vehicles will be lower at first, but don’t worry, more vehicles will soon be added in Brussels!


    The operating zone will change slightly but most of the Zipcar zone will be retained. You’ll be able to view this zone in the Poppy app which will be updated once Poppy launches in Brussels. Since Poppy is already active in Antwerp, you can also book Poppy vehicles over there, with the same app, if you are there for a meeting or for a shopping spree for example 😉 You can still drive anywhere in Belgium. Just like with a Zipcar, you cannot drive abroad.

    As in Zipcar’s zone, on-street parking will be free in the Poppy zone (except in the orange and red areas). So, there’s no need to pay the parking meter in the green, gray and blue areas. The orange and red zones will be excluded from the Poppy zone, which was not the case for the Zipcar zone. It will no longer be possible to end a session in these areas: which means less risk of parking fines for you! However, you can still park there during a "stopover" (in this case you’ll to take a ticket for your parking). For more info on the "stopover", read the "Rates" section further in this article.

    Off-street parking

    Unfortunately, the parking zone at Brussels Airport will not be ready in time for the launch of Poppy in Brussels. However, will do their best to offer you this service again as soon as possible! But we also have good news regarding the Interparkings: they will all remain accessible with the Poppy cars except parking Loi. In the Interparkings you are obliged to park your car on the parking lots set aside especially for carsharing. It’s clearly indicated where you can find these parking spots everywhere except for Interparking Rogier. There you can find the special spots for carsharing on level -3. In every Interparking there will be a connection for you to open and lock your car. The CHIREC Hospital parking area (Delta site) will also remain accessible.

    2. Rates & payment


    Like at Zipcar, there’s no registration fee nor subscription fee at Poppy: you only pay when you use the service! The rate is all-inclusive and includes: omnium insurance, fueling/charging, cleaning and parking in the Poppy zone. The cars will be of a higher standard, therefore the rate will be slightly increased. The price will go from 0.25€/minute to 0.33€/minute. The daily rate will increase from 69€/24h to 90€/24h.

    This comes however with a series of additional benefits:

  • What’s new for Zipcar members is that with Poppy, you do not pay immediately as from the moment you unlock the car: the first 2 minutes are free of charge for you to have the time to adjust your seat and mirrors without stress!
  • You will also benefit from 2 times more included kilometers per trip: at Zipcar, 100 km/trip are included while at Poppy your booking will include 200km/trip. The additional kilometer price will be 0.25 €/km If you drive more than 200 km in one trip.
  • Last but not least, with Poppy you will have the possibility to do a "stopover" for only 0.10 €/minute! This means that you will be able to lock the car during your reservation without having to end your session. It remains reserved for you but at a reduced price, for example, when you need to do the groceries...

  • Damage fee

    The damage fee in the event of an accident or damage at fault is a bit higher for Poppy’s premium vehicles: it amounts to 950 € instead of 750 € for Zipcar. You can however reduce the amount of this damage fee for each trip to 750 € the same way as with Zipcar. To do this you just need to accept the waiver in the app at the beginning of your trip, for only 1€/trip.


    Regarding the payment methods, it remains the same as for Zipcar: only regular credit cards (Visa or Mastercard, in your name or that of someone else) are accepted. You still aren’t allowed to use a prepaid credit card.

    3. How it works


    Since Poppy is also a free-floating carsharing service, its operation and app are very similar to Zipcar’s. You will be able to view the zone and all available vehicles directly in the app. The booking process remains the same and you will also have 15 minutes to reach the vehicle once you have booked it. You’ll still be able to cancel the reservation for free.

    The maximum trip duration will be limited to 24 hours (during the official school holidays, the maximum trip duration with the same vehicle will increase to 72 hours instead of 48 hours with Zipcar).


    You’ll only be able to unlock and lock the vehicles with the app, there won’t be magnetic cards anymore (you can throw your Zipcard away). There will no longer be a physical key to put in the ignition to start the vehicle: the car has a "Start/Stop" button. Every Poppy car is equipped with an automatic gearbox, so driving is a little different. Don’t worry though, Poppy will provide you more info on how to drive automatic vehicles soon.

    Fill up/recharge

    Poppy takes care of refueling or recharging vehicles for you. Normally, you will not have to do it yourself because Poppy does its best to offer vehicles with full tanks or sufficient charge. However, if necessary, it is of course possible to do it yourself for free (we pay you back).

    4. Business

    In addition to the elements that have been outlined above, some specificities are particularly relevant to businesses. Like Zipcar, Poppy offers business solution, and it works almost exactly the same way. You have an account for your company on which you can invite your employees. When driving with their business account, the company’s payment method will be used. There is a business owner who can manage the account, see the trips that have been made and add or remove users. He can also download monthly invoices. Users can easily switch from a business account to a personal account and vice versa, like Zipcar.

    What are the most important differences?

  • Users will no longer be added directly by the account manager, Poppy will have to do it manually for you in their system.
  • There won’t be any extra discount on weekdays or weekends anymore.
  • With a business account, you can drive abroad. You should therefore send Poppy an email telling the purpose of your visit.

  • 5. At your service

    What will not change for sure is the fact that the whole team remains at your service. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 078 79 09 80 or via and we will be happy to help you! To stay tuned on all the upcoming news (and we really can’t wait to communicate that to you!), make sure you follow Poppy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 😉

    Thank you for your support and see you soon on the road!

    *Please note that by downloading the Poppy app and accepting Poppy’s Terms & Conditions, privacy and cookie policy, you agree that you Zipcar credentials and data are transferred to Poppy so that it can guarantee a continuity of service. Poppy will hence become the controller for the processing of your data in the registration process and when offering you the Poppy services. If you do not want to transfer your account to Poppy and you no longer want to receive any further e-mails about this, please let us know via

    Last update : 30/04/2019