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how and when do I need to fill up my zipcar?

At Zipcar you are not obliged to fill up your car. However, if you have enough time or you do not have enough fuel to complete your trip, you can fill up your Zipcar for free at the nearest Total station in Brussels.
The fuel will always be on us provided you use a Total station to fill up, and that you use the Total fuel card that lives in the glove box of each Zipcar.
To access the card code, you will need to call Zipcar customer services on 078790980 and provide the number plate of your Zipcar.
Zipcar is offering 25 minutes driving credit to all of our users who fill up our Zipcars. To get these free minutes, we just ask that you send a scan or photo of your receipt once you've filled up!
Note: the 25 minutes free driving credit will only be available if you fill up the car entirely and if the fuel gauge is below 25% full when you fill up.