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where can I make a stopover?

You can make a stopover in a Zipcar wherever you like, either inside or outside the Zipcar zone. There are a few little rules you need to be aware of though....

Outside of the Zipcar zone:

When making a stopover outside the Zipcar zone, you still need to be aware of the parking rules and restrictions in the area you choose to stopover. You will be responsible for any parking costs incurred when making a stopover outside the Zipcar zone

Inside the Zipcar zone:

You can make stopovers in the Zipcar zone without worrying about paying at a parking meter nor using the blue disk, in green , blue and grey zones. All of our Zipcars in Brussels are covered by a special parking permit that allows free parking for Zipcar members in these coloured zones. Our permit does not include red and orange zones however, and you will be required to cover the costs of parking in these zones (maximum 2 hour stay).
Please remember you are not authorised to drop off a Zipcar in a red or orange zone (head over to this FAQ for more details of where to drop off your Zipcar)